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Super Khiladi 4 (Nenu Local) (2018)


College student, Babu, struggles to clear his final exam for completing his Engineering Degree. However, the exam supervisor helps him to copy and clear his course. After that exam, Babu meets Keerthy and falls in love with her at the first sight. After few encounters with Keerthy, Babu finally impresses her (after he helps her best friend to marry her boyfriend). Just when Babu and Keerthy are about to meet each other, Keerthy's ex-fiancé, Siddharth Verma enters and claims that he should marry Keerthy. Babu gets to know that, four years ago, Siddharth vowed to get a job so that Keerthy's father marries him to her. Coming back to the present, Keerthy lands in a dilemma when her father asks her to marry Siddharth (as she had promised her father that she would marry the man of his choice). But, Keerthy tells Babu to convince her father about his love for her so that they can marry each other. Days pass. But Babu gets no 'special moment' to convince Keerthy's father, who despises Babu

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