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Lie (film)


A. Sathyam (Nithiin) is a good-for-nothing son of a widowed mother (Poornima). He is unemployed and lives off of his father's monthly pension. He is unmarried and fantasizes about marrying an American girl. By a quirk of fate, Sathyam, along with a stranger named Chaitra (Megha Akash), who has a dream to win a lot of money, end up in Las Vegas, where they decide to only lie with one another. Shortly after, they start to fall in love with one another through their beautiful lies. At the National Investigation Agency (NIA), a frustrated officer named Bharadwaj (Ravi Kishan) is desperate to nab an elusive criminal named Padmanabham (Arjun Sarja), who has escaped the long arm of the law for 19 years. Padmanabham is a famous Indian ropewalker and magician, but he is also a master of disguise. Thus, the NIA has no idea what Padmanabham looks like. He is now suspected to be residing in the USA. Bharadwaj has drafted a sharp officer named Aadi (Srikanth) to discover Padmanabham's hideout an

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