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Diary of a Butterfly (2012)


This is a story  about a girl named Gul, who starts her journey for success from her hometown Jaipur. She is hungry for success so she decides to go to the city of dreams, Mumbai. When she is leaving for Mumbai, her mother gives her a Diary. She says to Gul that it will be very helpful if she records her day-to-day activities in the Diary. She also gives her a Note, on which there are some knowledgeable lines written. In Mumbai she works for a Fashion House. She stays with her friends Piya, who works as an accountant in the same Fashion House, and with Carol, who is an owner of a Spa. When she starts her journey in Mumbai she forgets each and every relationship in the thirst for success. She uses people as stairs in her journey of life in order to reach to the top. She even takes the Diary and the Note as a joke. But when she reaches the peak, she finds out that while running for success she has hurt many people knowingly or sometimes even without any intention. She had abused many

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