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Barot House


Mr. and Mrs. Barot is busy attending to the guests when one of their daughters Shreya joins a group of strangers in the nearby cemetery while playing hide-and-seek. Next morning, Amit and Bhavna find she has bled to death after her head was thumped with a stone. It is this very frame in the first half that establishes Amit Sadh and Manjari Fadnnis-starrer Barot House is not a run-of-the-mill thriller. The police suspect the deceased’s wilful uncle Ajay or the vengeful neighbour Anthony or her now deranged father Amit himself could be the murderer. Bhavna, meanwhile, falls apart seeing the mortal remains of her daughter. The case loses momentum when Amit and Bhavna’s second girl child Shruti is found brutally killed. Barot House is no slice-of-life family drama painting the happy, cheerful picture. It is eerie, shocking and deeply disturbing.

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