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As a storyline, it’s not very unique. But the script, performances, cinematography and locations make up for it. After Bhooter Bhobisyot took the box office by storm, ghost films inevitably became the flavour of the season. Some experimented with screen adaptations of Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s stories on friendly ghosts with various levels of success. But the director of Adbhoot tries making this film with an original story and script, a host of super-talented and veteran actors and last but not the least, without any superstar. Except for a bit stretched second-half and an over-dramatized climax, his efforts bear positive results. Adbhoot is engaging, funny and a good one-time watch. It’s a story of a once-wealthy joint family staying in a 200-year-old decrepit house full of ghosts. Four brothers live with their family. They are the grandsons of late Raybahadur Dhumrokolap (Soumitra), whose ghost stays there in the house along with his dead khansama and aunt. Like all the old house

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