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Cloud and curse of virus on long weekend – Freedom from rain past I-Day.


Cloud and curse of virus on long weekend – Freedom from rain past I-Day.

Cloud and curse of virus on long weekend – Freedom from rain past I-Day.

A daylong pitter-patter interspersed with heavy rain in parts of Calcutta has set the tone for more wet weather to mar the extended weekend.

The forecast for Monday includes a few spells of rain triggered by a trough that is passing through the city and drawing moisture from the Bay of Bengal. Two other weather systems in the vicinity have increased its potency.

A trough is an imaginary line joining various low-pressure points across the country. Since the system has atmospheric pressure lower than its surroundings, it has been drawing copious amounts of moisture from the Bay of Bengal into land.

“Calcutta has been receiving rain over the last couple of days due to thin columns of thunderclouds forming over the city and its neighbourhood. The weather will be similar on Monday,” said H.R. Biswas, director of the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Calcutta.

Independence Day won’t be dry either, although the intensity and volume of rainfall could decline, according to the official forecast.

There was rainfall across the city today, but it varied in terms of intensity and duration even within a small radius. The area around Ruby General Hospital received 54.1mm, 90 per cent of this coming in three hours from noon.

Barely 4km away, Santoshpur had just 2mm of rainfall from midnight till 7.30pm. Ballygunge, in the heart of south Calcutta, received 28.1mm and the rest of the city between 10mm and 20mm.

The Regional Meteorological Office in Alipore, which is the official weather station for Calcutta, recorded 17.7mm of rain.

The day’s highest temperature is generally recorded around 2.30pm, but today’s maximum reading of 32.2 degrees Celsius was at 11.30am. The skies darkened after that and the rain started a little after. The temperature plummeted six degrees in half an hour to 26.5. The sun did not make an appearance for the rest of the day.


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