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The Truth Behind 21st July Sahid Diwas. Kolkata Offline


The Truth Behind 21st July Sahid Diwas. Kolkata Offline

The Truth Behind 21st July Sahid Diwas. Kolkata Offline

Martyrs Day Kolkata West Bengal, Trinamool Congress TMC Mamata Banerjee meeting Dharmtala (Esplanade) 21st July, Sahid Diwas details the reason why what happened on 21st July 1993, rare pictures of 21st July 1993 Mamata Banerjee & Kolkata Police, Martyrs’ Day (Shahid Dibas) reason venue timings photos.

21st July 1993 – 13 lives of Youth Congress activists were snuffed out by Police bullets at Esplanade area during the march to Writers’ Buildings (the state secretariat). This barbaric act of violence & brutal firing by Calcutta Police snatched thirteen innocent youth; made more than two hundred injured. Thus ever year, the day 21st July brings back the agony & excruciating pain to the people of West Bengal. Do you know why it was happened? Do you know the reason behind it? Are you aware of why people sacrifice their lives on 21st July 1993 in Kolkata. It was the demand of No EPIC [Electoral Photo Identity Card], no Vote It was the protest against rural party CPI(M) who were doing unfair election by using the muscle power. Congress party on that day 21st July 1993 started their campaign against Voting process to ensure a free & fair election that should happen in West Bengal. Thousands of supporters including leaders like Mamata Banerjee, Sougata Roy & others were present in the peaceful procession with the voice of democratic demand towards Mahakaran(Kolkata) and was stifled with bullets violence because of barbaric act shown by the Kolkata Police on road. Since then, 21st July 1993 is dedicated to those thirteen innocent lives & their family. Over the years, on 21st July Ms. Mamata Banerjee shows her honor respect to all of those Sahid who lost their live to different democratic movements for West Bengal.

Today lost of people already started to came Kolkata from morning and traffic starts to get slow. We expect in the mid time of the day Kolkata goes offline in traffic on road. if you are out their today please keep mind to came back home before the after noon. Many political members will be on road and as per the current situation – crowed can go out of control and you be in trouble. So careful, try to use trains and avoid roads.

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