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Mystery of Rohit Das SUICIDE CASE!


Mystery of Rohit Das SUICIDE CASE!

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Mystery of Rohit Das SUICIDE CASE!

18th July a news leaked about Mystery death of a 23-year-old student Rohit Das of Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), whose body was found on Tuesday evening inside the premises of the institution situated on BT Road near Bon Hooghly in North 24 Parganas. Though the exact reason behind the death of Rohit Das is yet to be ascertained, police suspect that he has committed suicide by jumping off from the terrace of the 11-storeyed building. Some students, the institute authorities, and police took him to RG Kar Medical College and Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Police came to know after the preliminary investigation that Rohit, who was a resident of Uttarpara in Hooghly, was suffering from depression. Though the police are yet to confirm the reason behind his death, depression could be the reason for pressure to join job as early as possible. Rohit, who was a brilliant student and scored high marks in both Madhyamik and Higher Secondary examinations, also came second in the first semester examinations.

He had also been to Hyderabad a few days ago for the purpose of his education. He also wanted to complete his Ph.D. course before joining any job. It was known to some of his friends that he was depressed and had not been keeping well for quite some days. Rohit was also sitting all alone on Tuesday morning. They took him to the physician in the institute itself. He spoke to a psychiatrist for around one and a half hour. His friends found him visibly calm after speaking to the doctor. He told his friends that he would go home on Tuesday evening. He also spoke to his elder sister over the phone and told her that he would be going home. Then why suddenly commit suicide? When we take the action about it – we get another leak was POLICE recorded every item from his room and keep in their custody. Except his mobile phone got missing and no one talking about it.

This is 21st now! Police still intercept his phone and check the call details, who he talking about before committing the suicide. Is he addicted? is he bullied by someone or other issues? There was a major gap created he and between his friends in few months! WHY? I’m surprised everyone from his family just accepted it – as a suicide! It could be organized killing. Well, I can do brake the news and search on my level or waits for another leak! You can make the change if you wanted or let his family know and take action.

Hi I'm Aditee and nice to see that you have interested about me. I'm not a journalist because they are Fucking BIASED. I'm not! And Never been. You can mail me if you have anything interesting to share. Our conversation over mail will be encrypted and you will be totally anonymous.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rima Das

    August 21, 2017 at 12:17 pm

    It is an epic shock to accept this incident or should I call it accident. Such an inspirational,optimistic and positive person like him can hardly think in such way.. I’ll keep on digging for the answer till I get ensured from the bottom of my heart… Finding for the truth till doomsday…

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