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How many number of times women think about SEX?


How many number of times women think about SEX?


How many number of times women think about SEX?

If you think men and sex go hand in hand, then you are underestimating the mind of a woman!
Well, what makes us say so is the fact that according to a recent study, women think a lot about sex during the span of a day. According to reports, women think about sex around 18 times a day. The statistics are basis a study conducted by researchers, who asked 283 US college students, between the ages of 18 and 25 to share how often they thought about things including food, sleep, and sex over the course of a week. The students were then asked to make a note of every time a sexual thought passed through their heads. Interestingly, the study concluded that men think about sex nearly 34 times a day, but women are not lagging behind in the race. Not only most of the women respondents suggested that they thought about sex approximately 18 times a day, but they shared the fact that they thought about getting naughty between the sheets once every hour. Another interesting study based on sex revealed a lot about the mind of a woman during sex. As per the study, women think of a Hollywood hunk, ex-lovers, a blue film scene while having sex.

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