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FEMINISM is equality between men and women. When you understand?

FEMINISM is equality between men and women. When you understand?

FEMINISM is Equality between men and women. Don’t be a FEMINAZI.

Bangladeshi web series actress Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya. Make the statement that – “She would offer CONDOMS if some people or gangs try to RAPE her.” – Because law system in her country is paralyzed and it is because it’s run by MEN.

Now why I’m saying this? Because I think our Bollywood Actress think FEMINISM and FEMINAZI are same things. Many many times they proved that one their statements.
One hand all these women support short-dress and be polyamorous is cool and it’s should not the cause of rapes/gang rapes. The causes are the men himself and their insecurities. They couldn’t resist and rape women or any women they found attractive or they feel insecure in front of them.

Let me ask you one questions – Do you know what is feminism really is?

Any answer?? you can put that on your comment. I put a video above which explain you the feminism.


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