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Tourists stuck in Darjeeling and Situation Not Under Control

Tourists stuck in Darjeeling and Situation Not Under Control

The video you are seeing is uploaded 8th June 2017 on Youtube by Zee News. But the situation still not under control, Mamta Banerjee made several meetings with the upper ministry and the rural Gorkha party in Darjeeling but everything remain same. Still today there was fight against police and gorkhas, tourists are stuck there and everyone is prying to get back home safely.  Several tourists who visited Darjeeling for vacations got injured and transferred to the town hospitals because of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and fights. The supporters of the morcha clashed with police and the throw rocks and local made boms. Our current media is totally shut their mouth about that. I uploaded a video on Youtube but it’s been deleted almost immediately.  I uploaded a video on our privet server but we got mail from Google to delete the video so have to use the Zee media footage. You can see the burning cars and everything which is done by local bombings and still nobody say anything.

Even Mamta Banerjee  doing politics now over the dead bodies. Other than solving any problems they are busy to collecting voters and let the city burn. Not only that other political parties are doing same thing and shut about the matter. I feel so sorry for the tourists who are their and gambled for their lives. More 3-4 days will be pass like that then trinamul solve the problems and show the Kolkatan’s – she fix everything and you should vote for her – AS: “YEA HI HAY! RIGHT CHOICE BABEY! AA ha!”.

Why you GAMBLE on the ordinary people LIVES?


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