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“What I see in front, I do not know what the real gold is !!!”


“What I see in front, I do not know what the real gold is !!!”

“What I see in front, I do not know what the real gold is !!!”

“Pay attention to the fake” advertisement did not see the Bengali is not in Bhuwati. Duplicate phone, fake sign, fake tali candy mai has gone out in the market till the fake egg, so be careful. But another new addition to Kaliyuga is the fake pot-girl. Yes, yes, I have read it, fake pamphlets. You might think that the groom-bride is fake again! Man is the child of God, whether he is a real-duplicate? Alabat is!
Suppose that Marder Case’s Assistant Sandeep Saha alias Sandy Mustan got out of jail and got down to his old pocket. Meanwhile, Sandy’s hobbies to get married in the spring is the hobby of marriage. But if the murder wound is in his hand, then finding a wife in this market is no more talk of Chattichani. Therefore, Sandy does not have the speed without writing the website on the Matrimonial website. But the name is already a bad name! Therefore, Sondo settled the scheme that the evil people have been in the era for ages.Opening his profile on the website of Sandy Wooo, named Anirban Bhattacharya, as a businessman who gave the job as a businessman. And also gave the picture to others, so that nobody can recognize the moonlight. Now the question is that by seeing the profile, how do you understand that the name of the snake or picture is not real? Hold on to the profile, the pot was told to the relatives as the choice. Then, after going through the conversation, we could know in some way that the name of the vessel is fake.What will not be too late? Not only the pot, but also many profitable profiles of the bridegroom are opened, with many evil motives. Solving all these problems, in October 2015, the path of, which has its origins, is “original identity, successful result”. And for that reason it is obligatory to give a photo-ID proof when you open the profile of the groom or groom in ABPweddings. But what are the advantages? There is no facility for registering with photo-ID proof, Aadhaar card, voter card, PAN card, passport or driving license. Here 1) Name 2) Photo 3) There is no hidden or trick of age. After opening the profile, if the photo-id is proven, we can see that and then the profile gets clearance from other members of
It was so sure to confirm the real identity of the pot or the bride. But how far is the education? What does work Where does the job? How much do you earn? Do you know how accurate this information is?
That’s the hard way the ‘Trust Score’ feature of has come. What is that ?! Like the photo ID certification, after registration, the scanned copy of Mark’s Sheet, all the educational qualifications of the groom or the bride, and the scanned copy of the job document. Or upload photos of those certificates directly by uploading them. These documents are determined by the pot or trust of the bride’s trust. The more files you upload to the profiles of the profile, the greater your trust score will be.
And why are you late? Do not forget to log on at or download the mobile app of and complete it completely free of cost, when “How to get married”, “Care starts”, “Aging is getting old”. Registration. After registration you can see other members’ profiles and send interest. To contact your preferred profiles, you have to choose a service plan, which is our preferred service.
For those who are unaffected online, they will have the helpline number of – 8100100800 where you will receive a reply to any of your questions regarding ABPweddings. From registration to service plan you can come directly to any needs at your exclusive Exclusive store ( or sponsored agents of our authorized Ananda Bazar magazine. Now, the ‘pairing offer’ is going on again, together with and Anandabazar Patrapati together.

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