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Trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s Adult Web Series Guns & Thighs – Works Naina Ganguly, Tilottama Dutta and Others Bengali Girls are casted BOLD

Bong Girl Tilottama Dutta Get Naked on RGV's Adult +18 Web Series. Original Official Trailer Relished

Trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s Adult Web Series Guns & Thighs – Works Naina Ganguly, Tilottama Dutta and Others Bengali Girls are casted BOLD

For the first time in a web series produced in India, Ramu has shown a fully naked woman (a Bengali Actress/ Model Tilottama Dutta) in a bedroom with a cop. The woman says, “When all is done all men want from women is their vagina”. She uses the crude Hindi word for the female genitilia. Elsewhere, a cop tells a gangster, “It seems your father put only half of his penis (the word used in Hindi is far cruder) in your mother’s vagina. That’s why you are half-cocked.” The dialogues are written by Ramu in English and duly translated in Hindi. The aim here is to shock with graphic language and lurid visuals.

There is no censor board breathing down Ramu’s neck. But the CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has taken note of the crudity. “Making a series on the web comes with inbuilt responsibilities. Just because you have unlimited freedom on the internet, it doesn’t follow that you can show and say what you like. The Indian moviegoer has his own inbuilt censorship.”

To some extent Nihalani is right. Audiences are likely to get turned off by the aggressively lurid tone of the presentation.

Many known Kolkata’s girls works in this series. In the first season Naina Ganguly will play a GANGSTER’s girl friend role for the first time. She looks so innocent and so hot. Also many other characters in this web-series hopefully do the out standing performance. Such a work of RGV we can see soon on internet with the age restriction on youtube. But you can also see all the episodes here without any restriction. Many know news papers “SHAME” the RGV for this work but where I can see is the future. We should tata-bye-bye the ROMCOM and SLEZZY 2X sex scene – what current censor board offer us.

I don’t see anything wrong with the trailer. It’s time to grow, you cannot censor the creativity as current censor board does now with the current media. If the truth shock you then be it. If the story demands a SEX scene without clothing the be it. I think RGV did a excellent job and I’ll be waits for the all episodes.

Youtube – is the new age of media. Has own rule for creators. This is grate and we want more creators like RGV too.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. samman roy

    June 15, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    I don’t think the trailer is great or the work of RGV has any artistic or cinematic value. It seems a blatant attempt at resurrecting his buried career, that too by seeking audience’s attention by producing filthy stuff. He’s off-screen activities(read twitter handle) prove my point as well. If you have a look at a Goodfellas or a Gangs of Wasseypur, you’ll know how Ramu has failed and miserably so, at portraying a realistic picture of the underworld. According to my understanding he is a megalomaniac madman, who is so lost in his past glory, that he has completely lost relevance and context of the present times.

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